Right To Organize:

NWI Supports Federal Labor Law Reform Legislation


Right To Organize
NWI Supports Federal Labor Law Reform Legislation

Senator Edward Kennedy
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Kennedy,

The National Workrights Institute fully endorses the Employee Free Choice Act- S 1925. This Act is absolutely crucial to restoring the fundamental human rights of self-organization and collective bargaining. Workers are entitled to associate and work collectively on common issues, especially the right to organize labor unions. This Act ensures that employees will have the freedom of self-organization; to form and join labor organizations without obstacle. It makes majority sign up via card check the standard method by which workers choose to form unions and puts in place meaningful remedies for when employers violate the law.

The workplace is the last frontier of human rights in America. While the United States has generally done well in protecting human rights in the political sphere, we have failed to protect these same human rights in the world of work. We have interpreted the human rights provisions of our Constitution to exclude the workplace. Of the seven workplace rights called for by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, none receives adequate protection under United States law. The United States stands alone among industrial democracies in this failing. Virtually all other such nations have done far more to protect human rights in the workplace.

The United States has chosen to ignore human rights in the workplace in the mistaken belief that protecting human rights conflicts with the needs of a market economy and would undermine industrial productivity and lower our standard of living. The truth is quite the opposite. Protecting human rights at work would improve our economic performance and standard of living. Our failure to do so has made us not only less free, but poorer. The Employee Free Choice Act, S 1925, is a strong step forward in correcting this injustice. The National Workrights Institute would like to offer any assistance we can provide in this endeavor.


Jeremy Gruber, Legal Director
National Workrights Institute